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Candid helps you find the best applicants and filter out the rest in your applicant tracking system with our proprietary resume scanning algorithms.

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We help great companies hire the best

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We make the world a better place

Candid saves you time and money to simplify recruiting. We help you prioritize efficiency over the applicant experience.

  • 95% faster

    On average, our clients report 95% time savings compared to their existing resume screening process.

  • 99% reject rate

    Candid on average accepts 1% of of applicants and silently ghosts the other 99% for you.

  • 86% cost savings

    On average, our clients have downsized their recruiting teams by 86% and saved money.

The Algorithm

Candid is powered by AI to extract hundreds of data points from each resume and to generate unique insights based on your needs.

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We integrate with any ATS platform.

Candid plugs right in to the software you already use. We also offer services to support custom and proprietary ATS platforms.


See why over 200+ companies choose Candid to hire

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    Chad Oates
    Recruiter @ Google

    "Candid helps save us thousands of hours of filtering resumes."

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    Jiayi Chen
    Recruiter @ Amazon

    "With Candid, we were able to downsize our recruiting team by 84% while hiring more candidates."

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    Olive Yew
    Recruiter @ Microsoft

    "The algorithm is so efficient by just ghosting applicants instead of letting them know they were rejected."

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    Andy Wang
    Recruiter @ Morgan Stanley

    "Candid is disrupting the entire recruiting industry. With Candid, we hired our first non-white candidate this year!"

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